Forks – Ball fields behind Barry’s – Lake Parlin Lodge

5 to 6 hour ride or about 80 miles round trip. Depends on stopping at Coburn Mountain, and Lake Parlin Lodge for Lunch.

Parking at the lot directly after the bridge when entering the forks. Have your blinker on to turn right as your are crossing the bridge. Parking can be tight in this lot once there is a lot of snow. If this lot is full, you can go back to the public lot across from Northern Outdoors. Take the river trail, which is very scenic but well travel, up to the Forks. The river trail is the ‘only’ trail out of the parking lot. Do not cross route 2, by Northern Outdoors but continue up the river trail, keeping route 2 on your left at this point. On the Kennebec River Trail watch for White-tailed Deer.

There are plenty of gas in the forks area, but when you leave the area behind Barry’s, be sure you have gas.

Behind Barry’s store, 87 north to the power lines. Cross route 2 west, and followed the Coburn Mountain Connector.

If it is a good day and you are feeling adventures, take the Coburn Mountain Summit trail. The trail can be groomed right to the top. You can thank Coburn Summit Riders for braving the mountain with their groomers. At 3,717 feet, Coburn Mountain is the highest groomed snowmobile trail in Maine. About half way up, stop at the first turnout. One person in the group should go to the top and check the conditions before letting others in your group ride up. Cell phones will not work in this area. This trail is NOT for the young or young at heart. But this is a side trail off the main loop. There are some great views on this loop.

From there 89, down the Mountain towards Lake Parlin Lodge. This trail is well marked. There can be a wait at lunch at Lake Parlin Lodge, but well worth it. When you walk in, helmets and coats will go on the left, towards the rest rooms. The Fire Place is always going. There is gas at Lake Parlin Lodge. Click her for Lake Parlin’s website.

When you are sitting in the dinning room at Lake Parlin, your eyes will be drawn to the towards the groomed trail over the lake in front of you. When you leave, you will be heading out over the lake.

When you leave, Lake Parlin Lodge, cross the lake, go up the hill, at the top of the hill, stay to the left. The right will take you back to the mountain. About a mile down the trail you will come to a ‘T’. Right on to 87 towards the forks. Left will take you to Jackman. It is about 25 miles or an hour and half ride back to the forks.

Watch for Deer as you are coming back into the Forks, They feed them at Barry’s.