Moxie Falls, in the Forks area.

Moxie Falls is one of Maine’s highest waterfalls, including a single vertical drop of nearly 90 feet as well as other plunges and pools. It is an easy hike in the summer.

Ride the trail out of Northern Outdoors to the junction of ITS 87. Take ITS 87 north to the ITS 86 junction on the Boise Road. Follow ITS 86 west/ITS 87 north back toward The Forks, taking a right on the Moxie Falls spur trail. The Moxie Falls spur trail is approximately 3 miles. You can ride almost to the falls (it’s 0.3 miles from where you park your sled to the waterfall viewpoint.) After enjoying Moxie Falls, head back to ITS 86 west/ITS 87 north. Just before town, take the Kennebec River Trail back to Northern Outdoors to make it a loop that’s a little over 20 miles.

Snowmobile Trail Map - The Forks, Maine

The snowmobile trail is groomed to C Moxie Outfitters camps. When you get to the camps cross the Moxie Road, turn left and park your sled in the vehicle parking lot in 200 yards. You have to walk 0.6 miles from the parking lot to the falls. Snowmobiles are not allowed on the hiking trail. The hiking trail in is not maintained in the winter — recommend bringing snowshoes!

There is a park and ride across the road from Northern Outdoors.