Forks, Coburn Mountain, Jackman

Dropped at the ball field behind Barry’s store. Road 87 north to the power lines. Crossed route 2 west, and followed the Coburn Mountain Connector, to the Coburn Mountain Summit trail. The trail was well groomed right to the top. Best in Years. You can thank Coburn Summit Riders for braving the mountain with their groomers.
At 3,717 feet, Coburn Mountain is the highest groomed snowmobile trail in Maine.

From there went 89, down the Mountain towards Lake Parlin, Left before crossing route 2 and headed for Jackman. In Jackman, headed towards Pittston Farm. Quick snack, and headed back, This time at the end of 66, took the left towards Lake Parlin, 87 and back to the truck.

Great trails for March 29th riding.

Ride to Coburn Mountain-Maine Snowmobiling 2017