Dansforth – East Grand Lake Snowmobile Club

East Grand Lake Snowmobile Club in 2020 purchased a new (to them) groomer and have expended there trails.

The following trail distances are approximate:  Linneus to Danforth 45 miles on trail 105; Danforth to Wytopitlock 20 miles on trail 105 and 110; Wytopitlock to Linneus 50 miles on trail 110, 1 and 105; Danforth to Sherman 50 miles on trail 105, 110 and 3; and Danforth to Springfield 30 miles on trail 105 and 110. 

Trails in Linneus to Haynesville are maintained by Linneus Sno Sports, Wytopitlock to Haynesville trails by the Eastern Maine Snow Riders Club, and those from Springfield to East Grand Snowmobile Club are maintained by Quad County Snowmobile Club of Springfield

The Mill Yard is a great stopping place for lunch and gas.