Newport to Greenville

Park n Ride in Newport, take the railbed north until you get to Greenville.

Directions to the Newport Four Seasons Adventure Trail parking lot: Take Interstate 95 Exit 157 in Newport and drive north on Route 7-Route 11 (also known as Moosehead Trail) for 1.2 miles and the large parking lot for the trail will be on your left, across the road from Varney Ford, which has the address of 237 Moosehead Trail. From the parking lot, Four Seasons Adventure Trail — heading north — starts across the road. Other snowmobile trails — heading south — are on the same side of the road as the parking lot.

Starting at Newport and heading north, the 29-mile Four Seasons Adventure Trail connects the communities of Newport, Corinna, Dexter, Sangerville and Dover-Foxcroft. A gravel, multiuse trail, the Four Seasons Adventure Trail is also open to cross-country skiers, dog sleds and snowshoers, and in the summer, the trail is used by ATV riders, runners, bicyclists, hikers and horseback riders.

It’s a leisurely ride from Newport up to Dover-Foxcroft to have lunch at the Bear’s Den [Restaurant & Tavern], and then back, maybe checking out a few side trails along the way. And it’s a comfortable ride from Newport up to Greenville to have lunch in Greenville and ride back.

Kelly’s landing is a favorite lunch spot in Greenville.

Dual Rider goes on our very first snowmobiling adventure. Dave, Mo, and I take to the trails around Moosehead Lake from Greenville to Mt. Kineo and back across the lake.

Historic Pittstonfarm

Getting here,   East on 88 from Jackman, follow the signs, about 40 miles.    North West on 66 from Rockwood,  follow the signs.

Pittston Farms grooms over 100 miles of trails that connect to Jackman, Rockwood, Chesuncook Lake House, and Millinocket.  The groomer drives directly in front of our rooms and lodge. We are able to set up snowmobile rentals for your visit as well.

You can’t be this remote without access to fuel, right? Gas or Food. Fill up the snowmobiles with convenience right here at our pumps. Then, enjoy some of our delicious homemade meals.

From our delicious breads and rolls to our amazing pies and desserts. We even make our own sausage and burger!

Jennifer & Guy Mills Owners, Pittston Farm Lodge
53 Pittston Farm Road Rockwood, Maine 04478

Moxie Falls, in the Forks area.

Moxie Falls is one of Maine’s highest waterfalls, including a single vertical drop of nearly 90 feet as well as other plunges and pools. It is an easy hike in the summer.

Ride the trail out of Northern Outdoors to the junction of ITS 87. Take ITS 87 north to the ITS 86 junction on the Boise Road. Follow ITS 86 west/ITS 87 north back toward The Forks, taking a right on the Moxie Falls spur trail. The Moxie Falls spur trail is approximately 3 miles. You can ride almost to the falls (it’s 0.3 miles from where you park your sled to the waterfall viewpoint.) After enjoying Moxie Falls, head back to ITS 86 west/ITS 87 north. Just before town, take the Kennebec River Trail back to Northern Outdoors to make it a loop that’s a little over 20 miles.

Snowmobile Trail Map - The Forks, Maine

The snowmobile trail is groomed to C Moxie Outfitters camps. When you get to the camps cross the Moxie Road, turn left and park your sled in the vehicle parking lot in 200 yards. You have to walk 0.6 miles from the parking lot to the falls. Snowmobiles are not allowed on the hiking trail. The hiking trail in is not maintained in the winter — recommend bringing snowshoes!

There is a park and ride across the road from Northern Outdoors.

Forks – Ball fields behind Barry’s – Lake Parlin Lodge

5 to 6 hour ride or about 80 miles round trip. Depends on stopping at Coburn Mountain, and Lake Parlin Lodge for Lunch.

Parking at the lot directly after the bridge when entering the forks. Have your blinker on to turn right as your are crossing the bridge. Parking can be tight in this lot once there is a lot of snow. If this lot is full, you can go back to the public lot across from Northern Outdoors. Take the river trail, which is very scenic but well travel, up to the Forks. The river trail is the ‘only’ trail out of the parking lot. Do not cross route 2, by Northern Outdoors but continue up the river trail, keeping route 2 on your left at this point. On the Kennebec River Trail watch for White-tailed Deer.

There are plenty of gas in the forks area, but when you leave the area behind Barry’s, be sure you have gas.

Behind Barry’s store, 87 north to the power lines. Cross route 2 west, and followed the Coburn Mountain Connector.

If it is a good day and you are feeling adventures, take the Coburn Mountain Summit trail. The trail can be groomed right to the top. You can thank Coburn Summit Riders for braving the mountain with their groomers. At 3,717 feet, Coburn Mountain is the highest groomed snowmobile trail in Maine. About half way up, stop at the first turnout. One person in the group should go to the top and check the conditions before letting others in your group ride up. Cell phones will not work in this area. This trail is NOT for the young or young at heart. But this is a side trail off the main loop. There are some great views on this loop.

From there 89, down the Mountain towards Lake Parlin Lodge. This trail is well marked. There can be a wait at lunch at Lake Parlin Lodge, but well worth it. When you walk in, helmets and coats will go on the left, towards the rest rooms. The Fire Place is always going. There is gas at Lake Parlin Lodge. Click her for Lake Parlin’s website.

When you are sitting in the dinning room at Lake Parlin, your eyes will be drawn to the towards the groomed trail over the lake in front of you. When you leave, you will be heading out over the lake.

When you leave, Lake Parlin Lodge, cross the lake, go up the hill, at the top of the hill, stay to the left. The right will take you back to the mountain. About a mile down the trail you will come to a ‘T’. Right on to 87 towards the forks. Left will take you to Jackman. It is about 25 miles or an hour and half ride back to the forks.

Watch for Deer as you are coming back into the Forks, They feed them at Barry’s.

Bingham – 201 Powersports to the windmills.

We love to do this loop on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. About 70 easy miles and the trails have never let us down.

Parking lot on 201, as you are entering Bingham. This is a big plowed parking lot, with additional parking on the side of the road, North Country Rivers, across the road, and 201 Powersports attached to the parking. There is non-octane gas at Jimmy’s, with in sight of the parking lot, with easy trail access. If you need any last minute snowmobile supplies, or a local trail map, see 201 Powersports. They are open Saturday and Sundays.

There are several quick trips to be made from here, down the old rail bed to North Anson, check out the old dam with crossing on the Kennebec. From the Parking lot, cross 201 heading south on 87. You will follow the Rail Bed for 10 to 12 miles until. The River will be on your right.

Crossing the bridge will continue on to Madison, with connector trails heading toward Sugerloaf. Well marked and groomed.

Staying with the trail to the left of the river, will bring you into Anson. Great little store with a lunch counter after crossing 201. Griswold’s Country Store, We normally get the breakfast. Continuing on this direction will bring you down to Skowhegan and Kens and gas. It is a ride to get down there. We normally turn back north at this location.

The next loop is to head up to the windmills. About 8 miles north, on 87, before you get back to the parking lot at 201 Powersports, or 2 miles south on 87. There is a ‘T’ in the trail.

Take the ‘T’ turning away from the River. You will cross 201. This is a busy intersection so be sure to walk the little ones across. Once you have crossed. You will go up a hill and travel about 5 or 6 miles. By the way, these trails are amazing. At your first intersection, which will be in the middle of a hill, turn right and race down the hill. Turning left will bring you back towards Bingham. About 2 miles down, there will be another major intersection, with signage saying to go left towards the windmills. Staying Straight will bring you around the backside, and head you towards Kingsberry pond.

As you ride towards the windmills you will see them start to appear on your right. Keep riding past the first few and you will see a trail to the right which will take you into the windmills. Once you are up there, have fun exploring. The trails under the windmills are groomed and well ridden. Some great photo ops.

There is usually a cold breeze up here. But well worth it.

When returning to 201 Powersports, there is a great, snowmobile, kids friendly place across the road to eat and warm back up. Patrick Pub at North Country Rivers. The trail entrance is on the other side of the road from the parking lot. Drive your sled right up to the entrance.


Forks area – Northern Outdoors Lodge to Grand Falls

The scenic Grand Falls is a classic example of a horseshoe or block-style falls. The falls is an imposing 40 feet tall and over 100 feet across. In strong conditions, the entire formation is a sheet of wild whitewater. In drier conditions, sections of the left side of the falls usually remain turbulent, while the right side features gentler horsetails of varying power. An upstream and out-of-sight dam affects the water level at the falls significantly, but there should always be at least some water flowing here. Grand Falls is beautiful year-round, as the sheer size of the river is likely to keep it from completely icing over. It is one of the most powerful and scenic undammed waterfalls in the Northeast. The falls is highly photogenic and should not be missed.

This is a 4 to 6 hour ride for a family. You will want to bring a snack with you for when you get to the falls. There is no places to stop to eat or fuel up when you leave the forks area.

Parking, there is a public parking lot, on the left, before Northern Outdoors when coming north on 201. If that parking lot is full, there is also parking in the Forks, just across the bridge and turn right. This is referred to as the Ball Fields behind Berry’s Store.

From Northern Outdoors the ride is approximately a 70-mile round trip. Take the Kennebec River Trail up-stream (Northbound) to connect with ITS 86. Heading West on ITS 86 you will cross the Kennebec River before following the Dead River up-stream. At times deviating from the River the trail eventually meanders back towards the Dead where it makes its towering plunge at Grand Falls.

To return to Northern Outdoors, take ITS 86 east and connect back onto the Kennebec River Trail.

Trail map

Forks, Coburn Mountain, Jackman

Dropped at the ball field behind Barry’s store. Road 87 north to the power lines. Crossed route 2 west, and followed the Coburn Mountain Connector, to the Coburn Mountain Summit trail. The trail was well groomed right to the top. Best in Years. You can thank Coburn Summit Riders for braving the mountain with their groomers.
At 3,717 feet, Coburn Mountain is the highest groomed snowmobile trail in Maine.

From there went 89, down the Mountain towards Lake Parlin, Left before crossing route 2 and headed for Jackman. In Jackman, headed towards Pittston Farm. Quick snack, and headed back, This time at the end of 66, took the left towards Lake Parlin, 87 and back to the truck.

Great trails for March 29th riding.

Ride to Coburn Mountain-Maine Snowmobiling 2017