Bingham – 201 Powersports to the windmills.

We love to do this loop on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. About 70 easy miles and the trails have never let us down.

Parking lot on 201, as you are entering Bingham. This is a big plowed parking lot, with additional parking on the side of the road, North Country Rivers, across the road, and 201 Powersports attached to the parking. There is non-octane gas at Jimmy’s, with in sight of the parking lot, with easy trail access. If you need any last minute snowmobile supplies, or a local trail map, see 201 Powersports. They are open Saturday and Sundays.

There are several quick trips to be made from here, down the old rail bed to North Anson, check out the old dam with crossing on the Kennebec. From the Parking lot, cross 201 heading south on 87. You will follow the Rail Bed for 10 to 12 miles until. The River will be on your right.

Crossing the bridge will continue on to Madison, with connector trails heading toward Sugerloaf. Well marked and groomed.

Staying with the trail to the left of the river, will bring you into Anson. Great little store with a lunch counter after crossing 201. Griswold’s Country Store, We normally get the breakfast. Continuing on this direction will bring you down to Skowhegan and Kens and gas. It is a ride to get down there. We normally turn back north at this location.

The next loop is to head up to the windmills. About 8 miles north, on 87, before you get back to the parking lot at 201 Powersports, or 2 miles south on 87. There is a ‘T’ in the trail.

Take the ‘T’ turning away from the River. You will cross 201. This is a busy intersection so be sure to walk the little ones across. Once you have crossed. You will go up a hill and travel about 5 or 6 miles. By the way, these trails are amazing. At your first intersection, which will be in the middle of a hill, turn right and race down the hill. Turning left will bring you back towards Bingham. About 2 miles down, there will be another major intersection, with signage saying to go left towards the windmills. Staying Straight will bring you around the backside, and head you towards Kingsberry pond.

As you ride towards the windmills you will see them start to appear on your right. Keep riding past the first few and you will see a trail to the right which will take you into the windmills. Once you are up there, have fun exploring. The trails under the windmills are groomed and well ridden. Some great photo ops.

There is usually a cold breeze up here. But well worth it.

When returning to 201 Powersports, there is a great, snowmobile, kids friendly place across the road to eat and warm back up. Patrick Pub at North Country Rivers. The trail entrance is on the other side of the road from the parking lot. Drive your sled right up to the entrance.